Where does the time go?

It’s been a while.  Jackson keeps doing amazing things, but I never have time to write them down.  Here goes…  Just a couple of weeks ago, I told him, “You are a cool boy” to which he replied “I Know… Amazing.”  Such a comedian even at almost 3.

He is enjoying hanging out with Gramp Gramp.  The nick name is going away and being replaced by just Grandpa.  It makes you sad when their speech starts changing to more grown up.

Yesterday we got a puppy.  We named him Tonka for the white T on his chest.  He is adorable and will be a great member of the fmaily, but I am definately out numbered on the gorls to boys front now.

Well this post is scattered, but I will be better (try) going forward.


Get poop out?

Jackson, being 2 1/2 now accompanies us to the restroom on a regular basis.  Anyone who needs to go in his vicinity will get an escort and a conversation while they complete their business.  No more privacy here.  He goes with his 4 1.2 year old boy cousin and they have an adorable conversation about how to pee each time.  “You just pull it out and let go.”

 At our house, he follows me or daddy in and says, “Light?” and then turns on the light.  Then he says, “Poop out?” and turns on the fan.  Very funny whether you are pooping or not.

Chasing the nose

We asked Jackson last night to look at his nose.  It was hilarious as he chased his nose around his face with his eyes.  If he looked down, the nose, of course, goes down.  Then he decided that is he smooshed up his mouth he could maybe see his nose.  Great entertainment!

A friend moves away

Seems as though as soon as I make a good friend, they move away.  I am fortunate and have a lot of friends.  It is still very sad to me when one moves away.  Such is the case this past weekend.  a mom friend of mine and her family moved away.  Both Jackosn and I lost 2 very dear friends as a result.  Of course we will stay in touch, but it is never the same.  Jackson still asks for him throughut the day, wanteing to get together to play.  Everything is a learning experience.

The Christmas Story

We decided to go to church on Christmas Eve and try the new parish near our house rather than go downtown.  They had an evening service where the children acted out the Christmas Story.  Jackson, being 2 1/2, doesn’t have a lot of religious education yet, but I was impressed when he said, as Jesus and Mary were coming in, “Baby coming?”.  He did very well during the hour long service, as long as we didn’t try to wrangle him.  I would hold him when we stood to sing.  He did push my face away if I sang directly to him.  Everyone is a critic!

Mom is going fast!  Maybe too fast?

Last night, in an effort to get Jackson some playtime (since the park is still snowed in), a friend and I took Jackson and her little girl to Jump Man Jump’s open jump night.  We had a blast!  What a work out!  We jumped, slid, bounce and crawled our way through all their bounce equipment.  Jackson would lap us on the obstacle course 3 times beofre we’d finish once.  He was definately in his element.  I am sure we will be going a bunch more times this winter.  Better pictures to come.  Kudos to Jump Man Jump for having a time after work to enjoy an evening of bouncing.  This place is so cool!

Snow! Snow!

The Boys workin’

Each morning when we get Jackson out of his crib, he peers outside to check for snow.  No snow, he announces sadly.  So far, we have had a warm winter.  Hence, no snow, but that ended today.  We woke to snow on Friday December 7th.  Jackson was very excited.  I quickly pulled on him snow gear and rushed him outside, only stopping to grab his new snow shovel.  There was work to be done!  Jackson urgently was needed to help Daddy clear the driveway.  He loves to help with work.  Hopefully, that will still be the case when he is older!  He jumped right into clearing the driveway and didn’t want to come back inside.  Daddy dragged him back in wailing since it was cold, but gave in and let him back outside.  Shortly, Jackson decided it was cold, too.  He had a great time and loves the snow.  Good thing since he is going to be a champion snowboarder.